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The Cosmic Channel

Apr 8, 2021

As someone who has experienced burnouts multiple times, I wanted to share an episode with you on why it happens, how to avoid it and most importantly what can it teach us about ourselves. Burnouts can be an indication that the way we are moving through life is unnatural and detached.

We are all designed differently and we are not meant to be moving through life in the same ways. Burnouts teach us that we are not checking in with ourselves enough of the time and illness will manifest to get you back in touch with you.

I learned it the hard way that I should allow myself to pause when I have the chance not, not when I have to. When you burn out, it can take quite some time to heal from the repercussions and it will stop you from experiencing life because you’re going to have to tend to much deeper wounds than you might have had you rested earlier on.




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