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The Cosmic Channel

Mar 20, 2020

With everything that is going on in the world today, I’m really glad I can share this 30 min interview with Dr. Stossier, founder and medical director at Vivamayr. Vivamayr is one of the top leading medical spas for people that are looking to heal in a holistic way. What I love about their approach is that they try to combine ancient wisdom with modern science.

Dr. Stossier has a global reputation for his work. His areas of expertise range from irritable bowel syndrome, to heavy metal detoxification, to chronic fatigue, burnout, infertility, parasites, diabetes,…

This episode covers Vivamayr’s approach to healthy nutrition, how to improve your eating habits and rekindle a relationship with your food. We also discussed the natural rhythm of life and how we are no longer following it. Instead, we’ve created a pace of our own, one that isn’t sustainable long term if we want to age healthy. Our stressful, hectic, lives have a big impact on our overall health. By slowing down and bringing more awareness to our eating habits and schedule, we can live happier, healthier, and more vibrant lives.