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The Cosmic Channel

Apr 2, 2021

With so many fad diets out there, it is always refreshing to speak with someone who approaches nutrition holistically. In this episode, I was thrilled to speak with Lulwa Alarmali, also known as @thefunctionalnutritionist. She is the first Kuwaiti functional medicine practitioner. She is also a Clinical Dietician and IOC Sports Nutritionist.


In this episode, we discussed what functional nutrition is and why it is important to not only look at gut health but emotional and mental health when it comes to healing. It is an empowering model because it allows you to dive deeper into why and how you might have gotten ill.


We chatted about what leaky gut is and how cortisol, the stress hormone, plays a huge role when it comes to your digestive health and overall wellbeing. If you are interested in learning more about the gut-brain axis, Lulwa is the person to listen to and learn from!





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