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The Cosmic Channel

Feb 17, 2020

In this 3 part series, I’ve had the honor to conversate and interview Nawar. Nawar is a qualified clinician and naturopath.Together we will be introducing you to a whole new world and we can’t wait for you to hop on this journey through the gut microbiome. If you’ve been confused about what foods are healthy or unhealthy, what new diet to follow, what food intolerances are, this episode is going to give you a general overview of how you can begin to take charge of your own health. We are all bio-individuals with different internal ecosystems and there’s really no one size fits all when it comes to healthy living. If you’re unfamiliar with the internal ecosystem that lives in your gut, this episode will hopefully clarify all your questions in regards to what is the world of bacteria, and how it can influence not just your physical health and immune system but your mental and emotional health.  It is a very educational episode on holistic health and healing. We discuss everything from food intolerances to fad diets, to chronic disease and prevention. We break down difficult concepts in an easy way to introduce you to the world of bacteria and gut health.