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The Cosmic Channel

Feb 8, 2020

On today's episode, we're going to be tapping into la luna's secret powers.

I really wanted to record this episode for you today and to share with you a full moon ritual that you can do at home anytime this weekend. The beautiful thing about these rituals is that they allow us to get quiet, to connect to nature, to plant seeds, and to be free from distractions. First, I'll take you through setting up your own sanctuary at home and then we'll then dive into the significance of this month's full moon and pull the lessons and wisdom this moon has to offer us. I'll then lead you through an 8 min guided meditation. Finally, it will be followed by a stream of consciousness journaling exercise so make sure you have your pens and journals ready. I'll do a tarot card reading to pull a message for all of us between the meditation and journaling session.