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The Cosmic Channel

Feb 11, 2021

Did you know that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world? It is a huge contributor to climate change but if we all come together to make small changes on an individual level, we can do something about it.


In this episode, I was honored to speak to Hannah Rasekh, a kind-hearted, confident & passionate woman who is half Palestinian-Jordanian, half British. In a time when influencers keep jumping on fashion trends that keep going out of style, Hannah’s style transcends time. In the last year, she has redirected the purpose of her Instagram page in order to educate her followers on ways to positively contribute to the sustainable fashion movement.


This episode will provide you with a solid understanding of what the differences are between fast fashion and slow fashion and why it is more important to integrate and balance both business models in the fashion world. We discussed how confidence and knowing ourselves can help us create a versatile wardrobe that can last us years instead of weeks or even days.


We hope that through this episode you learn the damages and the impact this industry has on the environment, on the workers who are not payed fairly, and on us who instead of being critical have not questioned enough the ethics of fast fashion companies. The time to make changes is now and we hope to have you on board with us.




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