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The Cosmic Channel

Feb 4, 2021

On today’s episode, I have Elizabeth Cardenas, a beautiful yogi who shares her yoga teachings with us in a very raw, authentic and honest way.

Tackling all things yoga, Eli and I discuss topics we all encounter as yoga practitioners. From talking about enlightenment, to the fears we feel as students to step into the teacher seat, we both agree we have evolved a lot through our consistent practice. Our practice has allowed us in a lot of ways to become a master of our reality instead of being a victim. The benefits we have found extend far beyond the physical and have really opened us up to the spiritual realm in ways we may not have expected it to.

We hope that through this episode you realize that yoga is really for every body and everybody. Yoga is a tool you can use to feel at home again and to awaken you to different layers & aspects of yourself. The yoga practice threads through our daily lives and although we may not be on the mat, we can still practice the fundamentals of this ancient practice no matter where we are in the world, regardless of what is happening. We may need this practice today more than ever before.