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The Cosmic Channel

Jun 30, 2020

In this newest episode, we have Hayat Abu Samra with us. Hayat in Arabic means “Life” & I find her name suits her so well as she’s an advocate for all human lives & rights. Hayat is a writer, actor and activist living in Jordan & originally Palestinian.

In this episode, we talk about our current world events & the influence social media can have on spreading them like wildfire. We know how big a big a role social media has in shaping our world views and therefore our world. We’ve seen it before & we’re seeing it especially with the Black Lives Matter revolution. It is important to note though that it takes more than posting black squares to be an activist.

Being an activist is not being sympathetic towards what’s happening but empathetic. It means putting all of yourself into the cause because you stand alongside those who have been oppressed, marginalised & terrorised.

The second part of the episode is dedicated to the movements we are seeing in the Middle East as we also have racism, injustices and inequalities in our own backyards.

As evolving beings, we go through periods of discomfort & unrest to transform what needs to be transformed. These times are important & I hope you’re actively participating & not passively watching. As an optimist, I believe that we can hop off this pattern of oppression that has existed since the dawn of time & integrate