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The Cosmic Channel

Jun 6, 2020

In this episode, I’ve had the pleasure to speak with Taelor Bennett. Taelor is a Life coach, Theta healer and nutritionist.  She believes that each one of us has the answers within us to heal our selves – mind, body and soul. We all have healing to do, whether or not you’re chronically sick. Healing is not just physical. It is spiritual, emotional and mental. Healing relationships with your families, with your partners, your friends, colleagues, bosses. Healing your feelings or lack of feeling. When it comes to healing your life, it’s about making the conscious choice that the way you were living no longer works for you & that it is time to take responsibility of your reality. A lot of times, illnesses arises to become aware of your patterns, beliefs & they can awaken you to something a lot deeper. Taelor herself was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when she was only just a teenager in high school and although it took 18 years, Taelor is in remission and healing from what was believed to be “impossible” and miraculous. Miracles are possible and with this episode, we hope you feel that you too, are a powerful & intuitive being that is capable & deserving of healing.