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The Cosmic Channel

May 22, 2020

In this episode, I’ve had the pleasure to interview Farah Ehsan, or flowbyfarah if you know her by her Instagram handle. Farah Ehsan is a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, and advocate of functional movement and yoga for real modern life. She believes that each person should find their own yoga for their own body rather than thinking about what a pose should look like.


In this episode we discuss how we found the inner strength to leave the corporate world to pursue our passions & purposes.  We discuss the obstacles we faced when it came to teaching yoga & doing our teacher trainings. Society has conditioned many of us in so many ways about what success means & what a “real” career should look like. However, Farah found the courage & confidence to follow her heart and her intuition. It’s beautiful to see her share her gifts with everyone that comes along her path & I’m grateful we got to share this story with you all!