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The Cosmic Channel

Apr 17, 2020

This episode is all about coming back home to you, to your heart. When I put together this guided meditation, I really wanted it to be heartfelt. With everything that is going on, we can feel disconnected, disrupted, discouraged. We can feel lost, scared, and uncertain. With this episode, I wanted you to reconnect to the different parts of yourself, the different layers but mostly your heart and its beat. When we are in alignment, when we are in the flow, our hearts beat to the universes’ rhythm. When we are disconnected, when we stay in a state of fear, we stop the inflow of love and wellness to enter. I hope that through this guided meditation, you feel more receptive to the love that lives within you & all around you. I hope you enjoy this ride back to you, this magical ride back to the centre of everything, your very own heart.