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The Cosmic Channel

Mar 2, 2022

Do you struggle with saying no to things & people? Do you or someone you know battles with mental health? Do you want to better understand what trauma is?

 In this episode, I had the pleasure to speak with the inspiring Dr. Nahla. Dr. Nahla is a psychiatry resident living in Canada. Originally Syrian, she strongly identifies to her Middle Eastern roots. Through her social media page, she shares content to help destigmatize mental health illnesses & disorders. The way I see it, she’s an advocate for love and is truly in service to support and guide people who may not understand what is truly going on a psychological & emotional level. 

Dr. Nahla & I both share our personal experiences with our own mental health and what helped us navigate these more challenging times. We also talk about how to stop people pleasing and how those who truly love you will always recognize your value and respect your boundaries.

We hope that through this episode you learn more about how to support yourself and others during intense life experiences. These traumatic experiences impact at least one person you know and it’s important to have empathy towards everyone.





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