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The Cosmic Channel

Jun 24, 2021

Are you to looking to work with your menstrual cycle instead of against it? Are you curious to learn more about what this time of the month represents so you can work with your cycle not just during the few days of your bleed but the whole 28 days? In this episode, I’ve had the pleasure to speak with Yasmine Jaber, a holistic menstrual cycle educator based in Lebanon. Yasmine helps women cultivate deeper states of wellbeing through connecting to the natural rhythm of the body and the earth-based-wisdom that the cycle offers. 

She dreams of a world where the menstrual cycle is honoured as sacred - a spiritual grounding practice that forms the life of a woman and tunes her to the cyclical knowing of all things. 

This episode will provide wisdom and insights for you to embrace and work with your moon cycle, to understand what your period pain is telling you and how to become more intuitive with your period. We also touch upon yoni steaming and what hygiene products to use and avoid.





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