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The Cosmic Channel

May 7, 2021

Many of us try to manifest things in our lives from a place of activity. We believe the more we do, the more we get. However, we easily forget that a huge component of manifestation is surrender. So, what does it mean to let go of the fruits of your labor?

It’s the understanding that the day you plant the seed is not the day you get the fruit. The day you set the intention is not the day you see your intention come to life. There needs to be a cultivation of patience and gratitude moment to moment. When we put in so much work, effort, and time into whatever it is we are trying to get, we have expectations that we will reap certain rewards and we get disappointed when we don’t.

Surrender is acceptance of life as it is. In this moment. Not in the future moment. Not in a moment that isn’t here just yet. Surrender is acceptance of who you are as you are. It’s not about needing to constantly improve yourself. Surrender is giving up your desires to a higher power trusting that whatever is meant for you will not miss you.




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