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The Cosmic Channel

Feb 16, 2022

Welcome to a brand-new season of the Cosmic Channel! After what feels like the longest time, I finally feel ready to start sharing more of my journey with you. In this first episode, I open up about what I’ve been experiencing these last few months & what it is I’ve learned through the myomectomy (c-section surgery).

I had to apply everything I’ve learned these last few years into practice. From surrendering, to working on limiting beliefs, to learning more about my fears, I held space for myself in a way that I never have in the past. It’s been refreshing & relieving to feel more at peace with life’s mysteries.

It is our birthright to experience a life of growth, transformation and love. However, it is inevitable to also experience hardships, darkness and loss.

I am so excited to start this new season with you in hopes to share more insights, wisdom and peace on your healing & spiritual journeys. As always, may you be blessed, may you be happy and may you be healthy. Sending you boundless, boundless amounts of love.




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