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The Cosmic Channel

May 19, 2022

I am so grateful to be able to share this episode with Razane Jammal during Mental Health Awareness month. Some of you may already know Razane as the Lebanese British actor starring in roles like Paranormal on Netflix. But how well do we know someone based on what they do? Who is Razane Jammal behind the scenes? Who is she when she is not in front of the cameras?


Razane and I met during a women’s circle I hosted in London. As all of us are, she is a multi-faceted woman with many different layers. She may be known for her acting career and breaking barriers, but she’s also deeply spiritual, wise and connected to a world beyond this one.

This was one of the deepest episodes I’ve ever recorded as we spoke about the loss of her mother, feeling lonely and depressed. Razane is bold and has paved her own way despite all the trials and tribulations that life threw at her. These experiences she was willing to share with us allowed Razane to strengthen her connection and faith with the Universe.

In this episode, we discussed profound spiritual teachings and insights that helped her find herself after the loss of her beautiful mother. We hope this episode brings you comfort & inspires you to find home again within yourself no matter how far away you may have wandered.





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